Friday, 27 May 2016

Some Great Finds at Walmart!

Just a quick note...I found some very cool things at Walmart recently.  This rug is cotton, 5' x 7', and also comes in a black & white stripe.  Now here's the really good's only $39.00!  Can you believe that?   Now we finally have a rug in our living room .

I was really impressed with their lighting department...this little hanging light I picked up was only $36.00 and also comes in sweet is this?   

 But this was the whole reason I ran to Walmart in the first place...I wanted to check out this table.  Sadly I couldn't find it... I think it's only available online.  If you like mid-century you'll love it...isn't it cute?

I also wanted to check out this  end table  but couldn't find it (clearly I need to go to another Walmart) . Love this and it's only $79.00.

In the garden department...
I picked up this ginormous fern (because I absolutely love ferns inside and outsidefor only $10.00...these normally retail for about $20.00.  

Have a great weekend!

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