Sunday, 23 February 2014

Before and After Master Bedroom

When we moved into this house about four years ago each room looked a little like the one below.  The walls were a pinky cream and the floors were a yellow hardwood.   I didn't really care about the colour of the hardwood because that can be changed.  I just wanted the value of the hardwood.  The ceilings were stuccoed and all of the window coverings were custom but dated.  I knew that with a lot of paint and some new curtains, this house could look great.  

I wanted a black and white rug for the master bedroom and had my eye on one at Ikea.  But HomeSense had this striped one (above) on sale a couple of years ago so I grabbed it.

Here's how the previous owners had it decorated. 


Then I changed it up a bit.  

The side tables were once part of an old desk and the middle was detachable, so we took it apart and made end tables.  I always like to  see how I can use a piece in a different way other than its original purpose, for example, the shutters above the bed and the garden columns on the end tables.

The curtains above are different from the ones below because Fabricland had a sale on.  (You have to dig, but they do have some great curtains.  These curtains were $15 a panel!) Always make sure you get 96" curtains and extend them to the ceiling or if you have 9' ceilings, extend them the full 96". This adds height to a room.  I also always extend them as wide as they will go to add width.  By doing this in a small room you will actually visually make the room appear larger - no joke.  I like to add drama to a room and one way of doing this is getting two different coloured curtains.  Doing this not only adds drama but it also adds fullness.  

Through the process of prepping this room, I painted the glass part of this chandelier black with some paint left over from another project.  I also painted the bottom part of the crystals, so now it looks like the pics above and below. I was just tired of the chandelier and wanted to add something to it. 

I added some black ribbon and fringe (also from Fabricland) to a plain white drum shade to add some interest and colour.  I also used the same ribbon and added it to a velvet pillow.


Bedding:  Ikea
Bedskirt, Rug and Pillows (on chair):  HomeSense
Garden Columns:  Walmart (15 years ago)
Pillows (on bed) and Curtaiins:  Fabricland
Furniture:  Auctions, Yardsales or "Acquired" which means a friend didn't want it and gave it to me.
Wall Colour:  Custom Mix (Grey)

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